the morning playlist

So this morning I wake up to my usual song playing, Snow (Hey Oh) by the Chillies:

Snow (Hey Oh)

and there’s that guitar riff by John Frusciante tinkling me awake. Honestly this bed is fantastic, but my nerve endings want to start the day. My open window is right above my pillow and there’s a blossoming tree outside the window, a cool breeze off the glacial waters of the Bow river blows sweet blossom smells in the window and I lay there laughing to myself.


I know this part, I want to roll around and stretch, but Mr. Moustafa – Alexandre Desplat comes on:

Mr. Moustafa – Alexandre Desplat

which makes me think of The Grand Budapest Hotel, and then my bro, so I jump up and do my press-ups.

I go in the kitchen and put on the kettle and put a slice of toast in.

I’ve done this with the same two appliances for years so I know exactly what order to do it so the water boils so I can set the teapot brewing (milk in cup first) just as the toast pops up, butter, then Marmite, that sweet evil yum sauce (if I’m in a reckless mood I might pop some honey on too, in my head I call this ‘Good & Evil Toast’).

By now my playlist has moved on to, Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love:

Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love

so I can sing along to that as I put on my housecoat and go sit on the balcony looking over the river and downtown, I smash the toast and guzzle the Tea


now Obvs – Jamie xx is playing:

Obvs – Jamie xx

as I plop my dishes in the sink and turn on the shower, the sterereo is waterproof so it comes too, pretty good acoustics in the bathroom, esp if you put it on egde of bath so the base thuds through your feet and point it up so the steel drums rain down off the ceiling and hit you like the water does.

Getting dressed in the bedroom and its 1995 and Friends on a Friday night because Hootie & the Blowfish are covering ‘I go Blind’:

Hootie & the Blowfish – ‘I go Blind’

back into living room, there’s still a splash of tea in the pot, keys, phone, headphones, cards, oh I need to take my passport to scan at work, grab my bike and by the time I’m coming out the front door into the bursting spring green light I’m chuckling to myself again because this playlist is so finely honed I think I’m a genius, just as I get the bike going, All together Now by the Farm is starting up:

All together Now – Farm

this song was on my first ever tape on my Walkman when I was 10, so I’m in the van waiting to run down to the lake on a sunny Friday night…

One block south and I’m at the Bow river, all swollen from the rains and the snow in the Mountains melting, there’s people kayaking. Its 8.45am on a Friday!

I cross the bridge and just as I hit the big stuff downtown I’ve timed it perfect, Grown Up – Danny Brown:

Grown Up – Danny Brown

comes on for a big of that raga urban vibe. (if you don’t watch that video you need your head checking)

4 minutes later and I’m at work, grinning like the cat that got the cream because I kinda did didn’t I?

Incubus – Are you in?:

Incubus – Are you in?

is my song for going up the elevator and walking into work with a bit of a swagger.





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