a kind of allow

suggested listening             Nylon Strung


Last Thursday in my head

The world turned from Summer to fall

It was 5.45am and I was walking through Stampede ground

The night before had definitely  been summer, the juicy warmth still hid in the streets of this city

Then a slight movement, almost imperceptible, but its faintness made me notice it more

Like when you can see the stars better when don’t look

Some dim movement brought a breeze and there it was

Autumn, I could smell it, it didn’t smell different

The way I want it to sound is that there was a mournfulness in mother nature, a kind of allow

As though the trees and plants themselves had collectively at that exact moment all decided it was no more time

Almost a happy consent, a shift in the weight of the air in the back of my nose

Preparations are to be made and we all acknowledge it in synchronicity

Later that day I called my friend and told her all about it, almost a whole week ago


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