《i wrote this time ago》

I want to grab you by the shoulders, and shake it in.

why can’t you see, that me I am them.

The quick fix is always going to be easy, the settle for this, the life is just breezy.

Its not till you’ve travelled through all of your world, that the truth of real you is finally unfurled.

And try as you might, the flag gets pole, unfolded and hooked, your nation is whole.

And you will be somewhere, and its still far away, and you look over at them and there’s nought left to say.

And then a night and a morning and it still will be there, and it’ll gradually grow, till its too large to bear.

And of all of life’s crimes that do get committed, this is one foe to whom you shouldn’t be pitted. Because this one rejoices in things left unsaid, this ones a voice whos inside your head.

Or at the same time, maybe I’m wrong but at the end of it all there’s a beautiful song. 

Maybe it’s just another twist in the plot, and what happens she happens, like her or not. 


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