suggested listening: Salif Keita – Tomorrow What you didn’t know was that I would draw pictures Of you, whilst we slept on opposite trains …With the same destination. If you want to leave don’t breathe If you want to leave don’t breathe If you want to leave don’t breathe …A word. The space is vast […]

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Suggested listening: nightmares on wax, Soul Purpose, In a Space Outta Sound I’m sitting on some cushions, on a nice green rug. It looks like grass, and the texture feels good on my fingers, throbbing and sore from grabbing colored plastic shapes nailed to a wall, by a guy with a PHD and define beads […]

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the morning playlist

So this morning I wake up to my usual song playing, Snow (Hey Oh) by the Chillies: Snow (Hey Oh) and there’s that guitar riff by John Frusciante tinkling me awake. Honestly this bed is fantastic, but my nerve endings want to start the day. My open window is right above my pillow and there’s […]

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a kind of allow

suggested listening             Nylon Strung Last Thursday in my head The world turned from Summer to fall It was 5.45am and I was walking through Stampede ground The night before had definitely  been summer, the juicy warmth still hid in the streets of this city Then a slight movement, almost imperceptible, […]

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《i wrote this time ago》 I want to grab you by the shoulders, and shake it in. why can’t you see, that me I am them. The quick fix is always going to be easy, the settle for this, the life is just breezy. Its not till you’ve travelled through all of your world, that […]

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